In the business eco-system, in order to strengthen the flow of cash, one has to always look forward to smart ways to fund their Business. Invoice Finance or Invoice Financing is the way to raise the working capital of the company by selling the Bills receivables of Blue-Chip companies.

The basic purpose of the invoice financing is to work as a line of credit for the organizations. The most advantageous proposition of Invoice finance is that the seller is able to realise the sales proceeds without waiting for the buyer to pay immediately and helps the business in its operations.

Documents Required
  • AR or Accounts Receivable & AP or Accounts Payable Aging Report
  • Board Resolution to borrow
  • Memorandum and Article of Association of the Company
  • Complete Details of the Order Received , Invoice , Insurance policy and Lorry receipts etc
EMI Calculator

Using Our Invoice Finance emi calculator, you can find out your Invoice Finance EMI easily.

Eligibility Criteria
  • Term of the Business

    Bill to be drawn on reputed companies only

  • Credit Worthiness

    The credit worthiness of the party should be legit and reliable

  • Minimum Sales Turnout

    Necessary to have minimum sales turnout in a month

  • Bank Funding

    Even with loan denials, the possibility of invoice financing is there

  • Registration

    Company should be registered

  • Tenure of Payment

    The payment tenure should not be more than 90 days.

Features & Benefits
  • Short Term Finance

    Instant financing for 30 to 60 days

  • Funding Coverage

    Funding up-to 80% of the invoice amount.

  • Complete Closure Facility

    One-time bullet payment closure window available.

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